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Integrated Pest Management

Structural and landscape pests can pose significant problems to people, property, and the environment, however, these pesticides used to solve these problems may also carry their own risks. Panhandle ISD incorporates Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs and procedures for control of structural and landscape pests.

IPM procedures may vary as to when to control pest populations chemically, mechanically, or culturally. The foremost goal of the PISD – IPM program is to control pests with minimal chemical usage. The choice of using chemicals will be based on a review of all other available options and a determination if these options are acceptable. A full range of alternatives, including no action, will be considered. 

The following campuses and facilities will be inspected and serviced on the 4th Monday of each month as necessary;

Panhandle Elementary School

Panhandle Jr. High School

Panahndle High School

Panhandle High School Ag Barn

Panther Stadium

Panhandle Admistration Building

If you have any questions concerning specific IPM plans, you may contact the administation building, 806-537-3568.

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