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Food Allergies

Panhandle ISD is committed to a safe and nurturing environment for all students.  PISD recognizes that accidental exposure to allergens can be reduced in the school setting, and believes in a joint cooperation with parents, students, and physicians.  In accordance with this, Panhandle ISD strives to:

  1.  Provide a safe and healthy learning environment for students with food allergies;
  2.  Reduce the likelihood of severe or potentially life-threatening allergic reactions; 
  3.  Ensure a rapid and effective response in the case of a severe or potentially life-threatening allergic reaction; and
  4.  Protect the rights of food-allergic students to participate in all school activities.

This philosophy is based upon The Guidelines for the Care of Students with Food Allergies At-risk for Anaphylaxis developed by the Texas Department of State Health Services available at :

DSHS – At-Risk for Anaphylaxis

  • If your student has a chronic medical condition, they will need to have an action plan on file in the nurse’s office.
  • All action plans will need to be signed by the guardian and the doctor.
  • If you do not see an action plan listed here that is applicable to your student’s condition, please contact the school nurse.

Kids With Food Allergies

Food Allergies



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