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Proposition A


The average age of the school buildings affected by this bond is 59 years, most built around 1964. The state of Texas does not fund facility renovations for Panhandle ISD. Panhandle ISD has not invested significantly in its facilities in more than 15 years. The district spends more than $500,000 annually on upkeep and maintenance for these facilities. These funds came from the operating fund, taking money from instruction. This bond helps alleviate this cost and creates more funding for classroom and instruction.



Proposition A would include a remodel of the existing agriculture/welding/ PASS building. This includes the increase of square footage of the shops in order to resemble industry standards. The current shop space limits the number of students that can participate as well as the size of projects that can be built.

  • The current welding shop was built in 1978, over 45 years ago.
  • The current electrical and venting systems need to be refurbished and updated to comply with current safety and ADA laws.
  • The current Ag building was built in 1959, over 64 years ago.




Proposition A includes new playground equipment, a new shade, rubber surface at playset area and a new turf area at Panhandle Elementary School.

  • The current playground at Panhandle Elementary is over 15 years old, built in 2007.
  • Prop A also includes upgraded turf around perimeter areas at the elementary school.

Playground Aerial Shot


Proposition A includes 5 new buses and 7 new distict vehicles over an 8-year span. Panhandle ISD utilizes 10 buses to transport students. The district includes 557 square miles. The district makes use of 6 route buses and 3 activity buses.

 School Bus

Bus Facts

  • 557 square miles covered by routes.
  • Useful life of a school bus in PISD is 7-10 years, 5 route buses are 8 years or older.
  • PISD buses transport students to away games and activities that can be many miles away from our town.
  • The district has 3 activity buses with an average age of 13 years in service.
  • PISD extracurricular school buses travel over 73,664 miles per year

50% of the current fleet is approaching or past its useful life


Proposition A would include HS classroom asbestos abatement, a refresh of ten HS classrooms with flooring, and electrical updates.

  • The high school has four restrooms that havent been renovated since the original building was built in 1959.
  • The flooring in 10 classrooms contains asbestos that needs to be replaced. Floors must be abated once the renovation begins due to asbestos inside the flooring. Coverings around steam pipes in the building also contain asbestos that will need to be removed and replaced.


Proposition A would include new restrooms at the Junior High school and re-finishing the concrete floors.

  • The existing junior high classrooms and restrooms are over 42 years old, built in 1981. The carpet has severe water damage, large rips and holes


Prop A includes electrical and plumbing upgrades to the agriculture farm.

  • Electrical
  • Drainage and plumbing
  • New watering systems for the three barns and pens.
  • Much of the watering and electrical systems are 20 and even 30 years old.

Ag Farm Area