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Bond 2023

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Panhandle ISD Board Approves Bond Proposal

PANHANDLE, TEXAS — The Panhandle Independent School District Board of Trustees unanimously approved calling a School Bond Election for November 7, 2023.

A Citizens’ Committee comprised of Panhandle ISD community members developed the proposal in conjunction with the staff and administration. Their primary task was to develop and present to the Board of Trustees a long-term plan that included a recommendation for implementation.

“I want to thank our board, staff, and advisory committee for their hard work over several months to help get us to this point,” Panhandle ISD Superintendent Blair Brown said. “This decision is based on carefully considering all areas of need around our district while balancing the expectations of our community.”

Texas school districts do not receive state funding for renovating or building new schools. Instead, they must receive funds through school bond elections. The 2023 Bond will ask voters to consider a $19.2 million package in three propositions.

Proposition A is for $13.1 million and would include the following:

  • High School Renovations

  • Junior High Renovations

  • Playground Upgrades

  • District-Wide Maintenance

  • New Buses

  • Career & Technical Education

  • Fine Arts Equipment

Proposition B is for $5.6 million and would include the following:

  • New Fieldhouse and Locker Rooms

  • Artificial Turf Replacement

  • Track Resurfacing

  • Stadium Bleacher Upgrades

Proposition C is for $500,000 and would include the following:

  • Student and Teacher Devices


If voters approve $13.1 million for Proposition A in November, the estimated impact would be $7.97 per month for a home valued at $175,000 in Panhandle ISD. If voters approve $5.6 million for Proposition B in November, the estimated impact would be $3.41 per month on the same home. If voters approve $500,000 for Proposition C in November, the estimated impact would be $0.30 per month.

If voters approve all three propositions, the estimated impact would be $11.68 per month for a $175,000 home in Panhandle ISD. 

Recent legislation will deliver the largest property tax cut in Texas history. The combination of compression and the $100,000 homestead exemption will cut school property taxes for the average-priced home by $1,250 to $1,450 every year on their homesteaded property.

In 2019, Texas Legislators passed a new law as part of House Bill 3 that requires all bond propositions for any school district to have the phrase “THIS IS A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE’’ on all ballot language for bond propositions. Due to this requirement, all voters will see this statement on the official ballot language, even if the tax dollar amount is frozen and will not exceed the tax ceiling.

Homeowners age 65 and older will not be impacted by the passage of the bond propositions if they have filed for and received the Over 65 Homestead Exemption with their local County Central Appraisal District. Their school district taxes will not exceed the frozen dollar amount. For more information, go to

“We listened to our community,” Mr. Brown said. “And we will contact everyone by mail, email, and social media with factual information about the bond propositions.”

Early voting begins October 23 and ends November 3, and Election Day is Tuesday, November 7.